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Our Aim...Our Vision,​

Every form of disability brings with it certain restrictions and difficulties. However, it is clear that with any form of disability, the impact upon the person’s mental state of health can be very dramatic and have a long term negative effect when it comes to self confidence and self esteem, which often leads to isolation. It is this common factor that has led us to create the WeAre1 network of services.

The impact of any disability on family members and carers also can be very deep. They may find themselves in a position that is at best frustrating and at worst heartbreaking, as they try to give the best help they can with the resources and skills available to them. These could be very limited, for various reasons and through no fault of their own, and that is where all of the organisations who are experts in their respective fields will come in and offer a whole range of services that will relieve pressure on carers and family and, most of all, will enhance the lives of anyone who uses them.

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