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"WeAre1 is an organisation that fills a vital gap in service provision in Hounslow...." - Seema Malhotra MP

"Their courage, perseverance, humility and leadership are an inspiration..." - Mary Macleoud. (Special Adviser to Secretary Of State)

"They become absolutely fundamental to the success of the borough " - Stephen Fry - (CEO Chamber Of Commerce, Hounslow)

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Collaborative Working Towards Greater Community Care.
'Bridging-the-gap' between people with physical, psychological and learning disabilities... 


Who we are...


WE ARE a ‘Pan-Disability’ Organisation - working closely in conjunction with other major organisations and local borough councils – offering not only direct and professional help & support, with facilities tailored for those with a physical,  psychological or learning disability, but also providing a one-stop portal of relevant and up-to-date information and resources for those who either have a disability, or are caring for a person or persons with a disability.



  • Full and dedicated professional support 
  • Tailored facilities.
  • A non-discriminative, non-judgemental ‘pan
        -disability’ operating method.
  • Relevant, thorough and up-to-date
        Information on services and resources in all
  • ​Direct links to councils and governing
  • ​​Career opportunities

*Complete Decorating of the whole building carried out and fully Covid 19 secure.


* New air conditioning in building


* WeAre1 commit to Licence to Occupy  agreement for a 5 year term

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