The We Are 1 team: Katrina Foreman and Ronnie Doran

We Are 1 was derived from and formed by members of the community FOR the whole of the community and is a positive and pro-active result of personal life experiences, trials and tribulations and the desire to help others recognise and resolve problems that can otherwise be hard to face or deal with.


Ronnie Doran

Joint Founding Member of WeAre1 Alongside Katrina Foreman

"From when I was a teenager I always knew that things were not how I really wanted them to be for myself. Call it feeling different or a little lost, I felt I was just being someone that others wanted me to be. I longed for the day when I would find a real sense of purpose and would find my place in the world. This came to a head in 1986 when I felt that I was getting totally lost within a place that I did not want to be..."