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Our Services 

WE ARE 1 provide full and dedicated support and facilities.
Those with Mental Health needs, Learning Disabilities or Physical Disabilities and their Carers and Family will all be able to use the facilities on offer and join in with the other organisations that we will work alongside to provide a wide and varied programme that will become an integral part of the local community’s daily life. The following is a list of downloadable documents of all the Activities, Groups & Workshops that we are currently implementing within our programme at The Alf Chandler Centre - including a full timetable;


Activities, Groups & Workshops

Carers & Families


For every individual who has a disability, be it a physical disability, learning difficulty or mental health issue, there will be someone who is involved with their care on a day to day level. This could be a family member, a friend, or a professional carer whose service is specifically aimed at supporting the needs of the individual
For the most part, though, it will usually be a family member who takes on this role, because of the deep understanding that they have for the person they love and care for and the trust that person has in them.
But in these circumstances it is often the case that family members are the only people willing to make huge sacrifices daily in order to maintain a reasonable quality of life for the person they care for...

Volunteer Opportunities


WeAre1 can only exist through the dedicated work of the volunteers who help us
maintain a level of service that is second to none. Without their help and support we
would be unable to function properly or provide all the necessary help and support that our local community deserves.

We would like to offer every member of society the chance to participate in becoming a volunteer for our organisation or perhaps for one of the other organisations that we work with. There are many activities that need the support of volunteers and everyone has something to give that will impact positively on the goals we have set ourselves for the future.

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