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Words of encouragement and kindness from the friends and supporters of We Are 1

"WeAre1 is an organisation that fills a vital gap in service provision in Hounslow and does so with love and a deep sense of service. It extends support and the hand of friendship to many of the most needy and their families. We are immensely proud of their work. " - Seema Malhotra MP

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"The WeAre1 team has always been a massive inspiration to me and others around them. They started from nothing... just a vision and a desire to help those most in need.They put everything on the line to get this service set up with no financial support and it was tough. They have grown from there to creating an outstanding and successful organisation that is making a real difference to lives on a daily basis, breaking down barriers in the community and creating aspiration where previously there was none... " - Mary Macleod (Special Adviser to the Secretary Of State, Scotland, and former MP for Brentford & Isleworth

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"They become absolutely fundamental to the success of the borough as a commercial driver to west London – people run businesses and social inclusion for all people in the borough regardless of their circumstances is an imperative. The services provided by WeAre1 make this possible. "
- Stephen Fry (Chief Executive Officer, London Borough of Hounslow Chamber of Commerce Ltd.)


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Seema Mahotra, Ronnie Doran, Katrina Foreman
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